8-9 February 2018


Assessment Research Centre, 

The Education University of Hong Kong

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Welcome Message

It gives us great pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to you on behalf of the Technology-Enhanced Assessment Conference 2018 (TEA Conference 2018). The conference will be held on 8 and 9 February 2018, in Hong Kong. It is organised by the Assessment Research Centre of The Education University of Hong Kong.  


The TEA Conference 2018 brings together the leading minds among local and international educators, researchers and technology professionals. It provides a platform to showcase the best strategies and practices in innovative teaching, learning and assessment through technology. It also provides excellent opportunities to network for research collaboration and knowledge advancement. 


It is gratifying to note that the keynote and parallel presentations cover a wide range of very interesting themes, including flipped classrooms, computerised adaptive testing, education robotics, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) education and web-based collaborative problem solving.


We wish you every success with your submission, and we look forward to welcoming you at the conference!

Magdalena Mo Ching MOK, Professor

Chair, TEA Conference 2018 Organising Committee

Wen Chung WANG, Professor

Co-Chair, TEA Conference 2018 Organising Committee

Ming Ming CHIU, Professor

Co-Chair, TEA Conference 2018 Organising Committee

Keynote Speakers
 Dr. Andreas LACHNER
University of Tübingen

Prof. Bor-Chen KUO

National Taichung University of Education


Prof. Xiangen HU
The University of Memphis
Guests of Honour
Ir. Dr. Kwok-sang SO
Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
Hong Kong
Prof. Tai Lok LUI
The Education University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Best Presentation Ceremony
Honourable Guest
Prof. Kenneth YOUNG
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Invited Speakers
Mr. Victor Pat-Leung CHENG
Hong Kong Education City
Hong Kong
Principal Sylvia CHAN
Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School
Hong Kong
Mr. Eiffel CHAU
Hong Kong Parents League of Education Renovation (HKPLER)
Hong Kong
Dr. Zhiqiang CAI
The University of Memphis
Dr. Hong Sheung CHUI
Gratia Christian College
Hong Kong
Principal Tsz Wing CHU
Baptist Rainbow Primary School
Hong Kong
Dr. Muslem DAUD
Serambi Mekkah University
Mr. Shing Ho CHIU
SKH Tin Shui Wai Ling Oi Primary School
Hong Kong
Dr. A.Y.M. Atiquil ISLAM
East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Prof. Siu Cheung KONG
The Education University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Dr. Stanley HO
The Education University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong​
Principal Wai Shing HUNG
SKH Tin Shui Wai Ling Oi Primary School
Hong Kong​
Mr. Stanley SETO
Teksbotics Asia
Hong Kong
Mr. Wai Fung LEUNG
Artemis Digital Limited
Hong Kong
Ms Cecilia LAW
Education Bureau
Hong Kong
Mr. Ka Hei Jeffrey MANG
Hong Kong
Dr. Hak-Ping TAM
National Taiwan Normal University
Ms. Crisnie TAM
Foshan Foreign Language School
Foshan, China
Dr. Shirley Mo-ching YEUNG
UNESCO, HK Association
Hong Kong
Dr. Chih-Wei YANG
National Taichung University of Education
Prof. John Quan ZHANG
University of Jiaxing
Jiaxing, China
Honourable Guests
Mr. David DAY
Tin Ka Ping Foundation
Hong Kong
Mr. Dongpin HU
JHK Online Education
Principal Sai Hung CHOY
The Association Of Heads Of CCC Primary Schools
Hong Kong
Mr. Antony Sing Piu IP
the Hong Kong Catholic Board of Education
Mr. Chi Chung LAU
Po Leung Kuk
Hong Kong
Ms. Flora Fung-yin LEUNG
The Hong Kong Buddhist Association
Hong Kong
Dr. Halina Suk-han POON
Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council
Hong Kong
Dr. Paul Wai-keen LAU
Caritas Education Services
Hong Kong
Principal Mandy Siu-fong SHUM
Hong Kong Special Schools Council
Hong Kong
Mr. Kenneth Kee-huen Wu
Tung Wah Groups of Hospitals
Hong Kong
Prof. Man Kwan TAM
Hong Kong Private Schools Association Limited
Hong Kong
Ms. Qiaolin XU
Chongqing Nanfang Translators College (CNTC) of SISU

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